One of the gossiping birds in a print I need to finish. Drawn at Harvard’s natural history museum.

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So offensive. Reported. Please do the same.


People are giving Wilson money to thank him for killing an unarmed black teenager. Please report this to GoFundMe, as it violates their Terms of Service and they get 5% of the tens of thousands of dollars being donated. Click to report.

The “Support Officer Wilson” page url:

This is my message, in case you want to copy and paste:

Your Terms of Service prohibit “items that promote… hate, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime.” Take a look at the comments that come with the donations on this page and tell me that doesn’t violate your terms. “Support Officer Wilson” is a thin veil for people rewarding Wilson for killing a black kid.

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do it yourself Doodler #30 (Caught) 

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WIP of a peacock, to be turned into a print.

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Drawing of a baby alligator to become a print.